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Our straightforward and insightful guide, “Getting Stuff Done Through Your People,” is packed with research-based methods to help you build a culture of accountability and significantly boost productivity and employee retention.

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Inside Your Comprehensive Guide:

The Psychology of Goal-Setting: How setting and adjusting performance goals can dramatically improve your team’s output and morale.

Practical Goal-Setting Models: Learn about various goal-setting frameworks like the Balanced Scorecard, EOS, and OKRs, and how to apply them effectively within your business.

Creating a Culture of Accountability: Discover strategies to ensure your team not only embraces responsibility but thrives on it, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Measuring Performance Across Four Key Pillars: Dive into setting and measuring goals that truly drive your business forward.

Overcoming Obstacles to Accountability: Common challenges in establishing a culture where accountability is valued and practiced and how to overcome them.

…and much more.

At Amplify HR, we specialise in working with business owners of companies with under 100 employees, guiding you to create workplaces that not only engage but inspire. Drawing from our extensive experience and the latest workplace research, this eBook offers practical steps to achieve remarkable results through effective people management.

Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton
Founder & Managing Director

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And many more…

This eBook is for you if…

✅ You’re committed to improving productivity and employee retention but aren’t sure where to start.

You understand the importance of goal setting and accountability but need a clear, actionable strategy to implement these concepts within your organisation.

✅ You need a blueprint for sustainable growth.

You’re ready to lead your team into a successful year, armed with the knowledge and tools to set meaningful goals and create an environment where these goals can be achieved.

✅ You want a practical guide in plain language.

Our guide provides practical steps that can be immediately applied to your business for tangible improvements.

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