In today’s business environment, creativity is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity.

However, many people feel that creativity is only for the artists and musicians. This misconception can stifle potential and hinder business growth. It’s crucial to understand that everyone has the potential to be creative in their unique way. 


The Creative Spark in All of Us 

Imagine asking a group of five-year-olds if they are creative. Nearly every hand would shoot up—a stark contrast to the response you might get from adults! This shift isn’t just a natural part of growing up; it’s influenced heavily by our education systems and societal expectations, which often value conformity over creativity. 

As we grow, the confidence in our creative abilities tends to dim. Many adults don’t see themselves as creative, largely because traditional educational pathways have reinforced the idea that creativity is confined to specific roles like painters or musicians. Yet, creativity transcends these boundaries—it’s about thinking differently and innovatively. 

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Creativity vs. Innovation: The Business Imperative 

Creativity involves imagining new ways to solve problems or approach situations. Innovation is about implementing these creative ideas into tangible solutions. A prime example is Uber: the creative concept was simplifying how to get a taxi, while the innovation was developing the app that made it a reality. 

Innovation is the engine of growth in business, and without creativity, there can be no innovation. Encouraging creative thinking within your organisation paves the way for innovation, leading to better solutions and more effective methods. 


Fostering a Creative Environment 

Creating a workplace that nurtures creativity involves more than just open spaces or fun furniture—it’s about cultivating an atmosphere where ideas can flourish.

Here are some steps to consider: 

1. Encourage Open Communication 

Leadership plays a pivotal role in fostering creativity. Leaders who are open, transparent, and approachable set the tone for their teams. Encourage your team to share their ideas without fear of dismissal. It’s about creating a dialogue where creativity is not just accepted but encouraged.

2. Learning from the Best

Consider the world’s most innovative companies. The 2020 BCG Global Innovation Survey lists leading tech giants like Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft at the forefront of innovation. However, innovation isn’t confined to the tech industry. Companies like Walmart, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson also rank highly for their creative approaches to business challenges. 

Examine what these companies do differently—often, it’s their readiness to listen and their capacity to nurture talent. Think about how you can incorporate these practices into your own business to spark creativity. 

3. Creating the Right Atmosphere 

While you don’t need slides or beanbag chairs in the office, the physical and emotional environment can significantly impact creativity. Establish a space where your team feels comfortable and valued—a place where they can be themselves and have a little fun.

4. Bringing in Fresh Perspectives

Hiring talented, high-calibre individuals who can bring new ideas to the table is crucial. These individuals often drive creativity by introducing fresh perspectives and challenging the status quo. 

Practical Steps to Implement Today 

To begin fostering a more creative workplace, consider the following actions: 

  • Research Innovative Practices: Look at innovative companies within and outside your industry. What are they doing that you can adapt? 
  • Encourage Interaction and Curiosity: Create opportunities for your team to interact and collaborate. Promote a culture of curiosity where questioning and exploring new ways of doing things are valued. 
  • Celebrate All Ideas: Not every idea will be a winner, but every idea deserves consideration. Establish a process for evaluating ideas that makes everyone feel heard. 

The journey to fostering creativity in your workplace is continuous and evolving. By encouraging creativity, you not only enhance your team’s job satisfaction but also drive the innovation that keeps your business competitive and forward-thinking. Let’s make space for creativity to enable innovation and in maintain the  viability and success of your business in the long term. 

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