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As we kickstart 2024, it’s the perfect time to improve your ability to stand out and recruit your next superstars to grow your business.

Use our practical and research-backed hiring checklist to ensure your recruitment process is the best it can be. It’s 100% free and perfectly timed to bolster your hiring process, making 2024 the year you build your dream team.

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What’s Inside Your Essential ‘Hire Great People’ Checklist:

Streamlining the Recruitment Process: Strategies to make your recruitment process swift and effective, ensuring you don’t lose out on great candidates.

Clear Job Descriptions: Learn to craft updated and clear job descriptions that resonate with ideal candidates.

Identifying Transferable Skills: Understand the importance of recognising transferable skills, broadening your candidate search.

Distinct Employer Branding: Gain insights on how to effectively communicate what makes your company a unique place to work.

…and much more.

Your scores will reveal where to improve and what you need to do today to transform your business into a people magnet.

At Amplify HR we work with business owners with under 100 employees to get their HR sorted so they can focus on the business. Our experiences working with business owners, leaders and employees have enabled us to share a simple process for creating company and individual goals.

Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton
Founder & Managing Director

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And many more…

This checklist is for you if…

> You aim to elevate your recruitment process and hire the best talent

You understand that effective hiring is more than just filling positions. You seek a comprehensive approach to attract, assess, and select candidates who will drive your business forward.

>You’re seeking actionable strategies to improve your hiring

You’re ready to implement best practices that will not only attract top talent but also align them with your company’s culture and values.

>You want a systematic approach to building a high-performing team

Beyond just hiring, you’re looking to create a cohesive, high-performing team. This checklist provides the tools and insights to make that a reality.

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