Finding ways to simplify processes, boost productivity, and grow is top of mind for every business owner.

Over the last few years we have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) explode in the workplace, automating tasks, crunching data, and creating personalised experiences. It’s transforming how we do things, including employee onboarding and development.  

In episode 78 of the Find Grow Keep podcast, Karen Kirton has a discussion with Matthew Mason, the founder of Mavenzeal, taking a closer look at how AI is changing the employee experience, making things more relatable, efficient, and tailored to each individual’s journey. 

AI’s Impact in Onboarding and Development

As we embrace the digital era, AI is proving to be a crucial ally. Forget the old, cookie-cutter training methods. AI brings us personalised learning paths that fit each person’s unique needs and pace. Imagine chatbots that walk newcomers through the ropes or custom content that supports continuous growth. The future is here, and it’s tailored. 

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How AI Makes a Difference

Personalised Learning Journeys

AI doesn’t just teach; it learns about you. By understanding each employee’s behaviour and preferences, it offers content that speaks directly to them. This not only makes learning more engaging but also speeds up the process, leading to better performance and happier teams.

Efficient Content Creation

Say goodbye to the heavy lifting of making training materials. AI can turn text into interactive sessions or videos in a snap, making it easier to keep content fresh and engaging without draining resources.

Always on support

AI chatbots are like having a mentor available 24/7. They’re there to answer questions, help solve problems, and even run through scenarios, ensuring everyone has the support they need whenever they need it.

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Tips for Leaders Embracing AI 

For those looking to bring AI into their business, here’s what to keep in mind: 

Align with Your Goals: Make sure AI efforts are in sync with what you’re trying to achieve as a business. 

Invest in Skills: Building or bringing in AI expertise is crucial for making the most out of these technologies. 

Keep Assessing: Regularly check how AI tools are performing and tweak as needed based on real feedback and results. 

Stay Ethical: Putting ethics at the heart of AI use not only builds trust but also ensures a positive impact on your team and culture. 

Ask questions: Don’t just implement a new AI process because it is fast and inexpensive. Ask for success stories and case studies, and what limitations it has. 

Looking Ahead: AI’s Expanding Role 

Integrating AI into onboarding and development is more than a tech upgrade—it’s a strategic move. By offering customised learning experiences, simplifying content creation, and providing round-the-clock support, AI is helping to create a new standard for efficiency and personalisation. 

As we venture further into this AI-enhanced world, it’s crucial to approach with care, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to doing right by our teams. The right approach to AI can not only transform how we work but also pave the way for a future where every workplace is a thriving, inspiring environment. 

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