Get your HR sorted and focus on the business

How to find better candidates, grow your teams, and keep great people for longer, without it being complicated, expensive or impractical!

(Even if You Haven’t Been Able to Get Traction Before)

Karen Kirton – Founder & Managing Director

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Cultivate a workplace that engages and inspires

☀ Without adding more to your “HR plate” or spending a fortune on short term consultants.

☀ Find, grow and keep great people through simple, contemporary and consistent HR that will not only keep your top performers for longer, but also reduce the time you spend on “HR issues”!

☀ Enable your teams to succeed and feel valued, trusted, listened to, appreciated, and like they belong.

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Founded in 2016 specifically to provide practical HR for businesses of 10-100 employees, our exclusive Find Grow Keep methodology enables you to gain consistency and structure to get your HR sorted and cultivate a workplace that engages and inspires.

Get compliant – with support when you need it.

$540 per month

  • Dedicated HR Partner

  • On-demand HR advice
    (2 hours per month included*)

  • Compliance Review

  • Employment contract templates

  • Employee handbook of policies

  • Access legally reviewed employment policies & documents

Done with you, so you can get your culture where it needs to go.

$1840 per month

  • Dedicated HR Partner

  • On-demand HR advice
    (6 hours per month included*)

  • Compliance Review

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee handbook of policies

  • Access legally reviewed employment policies & documents

  • Find Grow Keep Learning Portal

  • Annual Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey

Tailored for you by your dedicated HR Partner.

$3240 per month

  • Dedicated HR Partner

  • On-demand HR advice
    (12 hours per month included*)

  • Compliance Review

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee handbook of policies

  • Access legally employment policies & documents

  • Find Grow Keep Learning Portal

  • Annual Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey

  • Tailored HR documents and processes 

  • Team and Leadership Training^

  • 12 month Strategic People & Culture Action Plan

  • On site support^

* All plans have a minimum term of 6 months. ​

^ Limits apply​.

Prices are exclusive of GST​.

Book a complimentary HR Action Call today

Specifically designed for businesses of under 100 employees.

In just 30 minutes our Founder, Karen Kirton, will ask you some quick questions to dive into your current HR, and provide you with at least 3 high-value practical steps you can immediately implement to get more clarity, confidence and consistency around your HR today!

Amplify HR is for you if…

> Having a great workplace culture is important to you.

You understand the value of an AMAZING workplace culture, but also know that with a great, or terrible hire, it can change quickly and needs continual cultivation.

> Your business growth is reliant on finding & keeping great people.

Paradoxically, the more people you have, the more complex and time consuming your business becomes, actually reducing your ability to grow and thrive if you don’t get the right kind of help.

> You feel like there’s got to be a better way!

Perhaps you have tried consultants in the past, or you’ve tried to manage it all yourself but it is just getting a bit much. You know there are HR gaps but you don’t have the time or knowledge to get proactive.

What other business owners and leaders like you say….

Since engaging with Amplify HR, our HR related business decisions have been made into an uncomplicated and streamlined process! The Team is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and approachable which has given us a lot of confidence to provide the best HR practices in our workplace. With their services and support, you definitely get what you pay for and more!”

– Mani Padisetti, Co-Founder, Digital Armour

“You should absolutely use Amplify HR! They give us complete confidence that our HR systems, policies and people management is under control. The team are amazing, both knowledgeable and supportive. We are lucky to have them as part of our team.”

– Eliza Macgregor, Business Manager, Inner West Paediatrics

“Amplify HR brought our HR system up to date and provide advice swiftly. They are super knowledgeable, friendly and great to deal with.”

– Lauren Dukino, Duke’s Painting

Personalised HR Support For YOUR business!

Feel Supported Across 3 Key Areas


Compliance is a building block of workplace culture and doesn’t need to be complicated red tape. Gain confidence knowing you have up to date, legally reviewed policies and a trusted HR partner and sounding board.


You’re feeling the symptoms of having a gap in your HR. You may be busy, stressed, distracted, have no time, have key people leaving or struggle to find great candidates. Get Clarity and a plan for how to create a workplace that engages and inspires and feel relief!


Amp up your culture with the power of consistent people and culture practices. Consistency improves the quality of your new hires, increases productivity, reduces perceived inequities and ultimately means you can keep great people for longer and reduce the costs to your business.

Book a complimentary HR Action Call today

Specifically designed for businesses of under 100 employees.

In just 30 minutes our Founder, Karen Kirton, will ask you some quick questions to dive into your current HR, and provide you with at least 3 high-value practical steps you can immediately implement to get more clarity, confidence and consistency around your HR today!

What you get when you partner with us

Dedicated HR Consultant

No call centres! Have your own dedicated HR Partner to get to know your business and provide HR Support, so that you always have access to good advice on how to solve specific issues and implement best practices.

Plus, the below are included in all of our plans

Over $7000 value!

Compliance Review

We kick off with a compliance review of your current employment contract templates, employment policies and Modern Award coverage.

Compliance is a building block of creating a great culture, so this review will give you the confidence that you are meeting your obligations while providing a great foundation for your culture.

VALUE: $1000

Employment Contract Templates

New contract templates for Award and Non-Award covered Full Time, Part Time, Casual and Fixed Term Employees, which are created and regularly reviewed by lawyers so that you can rest assured that all angles are covered.

VALUE: $1500

Employee Handbook of Policies

A new handbook of legally reviewed employment policies, specifically created for your business. Hand this out to your existing and new employees so everyone is on the same page.

VALUE: $2000

Access to monthly leadership masterclasses

Access our online and live Leadership Masterclasses to help you lift your leadership know-how and ready you for any situation.

VALUE: $800+

Legally reviewed employment letters, checklists, policies and documents

Access our people and culture client portal so that you always have quick access to what you need.

VALUE: $2000

What is it costing you to NOT get your HR sorted?

?    How many great employees are you losing (even worse if they mentally resign but don’t physically quit!) because you’re not being intentional with cultivating your workplace culture?

?    How many great candidates are you not able to attract into your business because they aren’t seeing the value of joining your business?

?    How many customers are you losing because you can’t deliver quality on time, or you just can’t get enough people to do the work?

Can this work for you?

Here are just some of the types of organisations using Amplify HR to get their HR sorted and focus on the business

✔ IT Support Services

✔ IT Managed Services

✔ Cyber Security

✔ Artificial Intelligence

✔ Retail

✔ Creative Arts

✔ Not for Profit

✔ Investment groups

✔ Medical Technologies

✔ Dentistry

✔ Speech Pathology

✔ Occupational Therapy

✔ Psychologists

✔ Education & Training

✔Industry groups

✔ Events Management

✔ Construction

✔ Transportation

✔ Traffic Management

✔ Design

✔ Electrical Contracting

✔ Project Management

✔ Warehousing

✔ Asset management

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My Story

Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton

Founder & Managing Director

When I first entered the workforce I was 17 and just finished my HSC with no idea what I wanted to do. I became an administrator, a debt collector, a sales person, and even a web designer before I joined an organisation that had a new HRM. I was able to join his team as an “Office Manager” and for the first time I got to see behind the curtain. The difference that great HR practices can make and how empowered teams can impact on culture and the success of the business. I found my purpose and  completed a degree in Business, majoring in HR Management and later a post graduate degree in Psychology.

The challenge of course is that HR can often be seen as the policy police, or department of no… and in many ways this comes back to the fact that the HR Manager may have a degree, but they also have a mishmash of principles and philosophies and ideas. And as a HRM that is meant to advise and coach leaders, it is quite possible they have never led a team themselves before.

So over time I started to build a simple methodology that has enabled us to improve teams’ performance and culture so that organisations can reduce their staff turnover, get better productivity and keep and grow highly skilled employees.

I’ve been a Senior Leader. Managing a team of over 20 HR Professionals within a large Company  I experienced all the frustrations that can come with people management!

I’m a business owner. So I live everyday the challenges of running a business and being able to get the right people and the right outsourced partners.

I believe in creating workplaces that engage and inspire.

Having over 20 years of experience in HR and Degrees in Business and Psychology, I am driven to create great workplace cultures in simple and practical ways, especially for teams with under 100 employees.

Meet Your HR Partners

Elaine Pereira

Principal HR Consultant

  • Diploma in Business, Human Resources Management
  • Certified Professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Elaine is an experienced HR Advisor and Career Transition Specialist with over 15 years’ experience within HR at large Government and private organisations, before joining the Amplify HR team in 2019. Elaine has led small teams and works collaboratively to deliver trusted people services, solutions and advice.

She has partnered with businesses on:

  • advising on a range of people and employment matters, for example, in relation to performance, behaviour, conduct, absenteeism, pay and leave entitlements
  • recruiting great employees across a broad range of industries
  • coaching for employees and leaders around organisational change
  • outplacement support for employees

Florence Andrews

Principal HR Consultant

  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Associate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate IV Training and Workplace Assessment

A Human Resource generalist advisor with over 18 years’ experience, Florence has worked in HR management roles in both small and medium sized private companies. She has many years of experience leading teams within a large not for profit organisation, working across many and varied industries.

Florence has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with HR issues and is passionate about partnering with businesses to help them get the best out of their employees. By gaining a solid understanding of the uniqueness of each business, she assists managers in identifying and implementing the most achievable and sustainable solutions to their workplace.

Robyn Stopher

Principal HR Consultant

  • Diploma in Business, Human Resources Management

Robyn is an experienced HR Advisor with over 15 years experience across Sydney, London and Singapore. She has worked for a large consulting firm, and also within the private and public sector.

Robyn has led small teams, run a successful volunteer based organisation, and enjoys building relationships and consulting with employees on a range of HR related matters. With a strong sense of compliance in HR legislation and policy matters, she strives to advise employees and a managers in a sensitive and understanding way to ensure matters are solved quickly and concisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t like long lock-in contracts either!

Our plans have a minimum term of only 6 months.

We are confident you will see immediate value, but with our Alliance and Accelerate plans, if you’re not completely satisfied just let us know within 30 days and you can walk away with no break fees or hidden costs.

You can upgrade at any time, and to downgrade you just need to have had a minimum term of 6 months on your current plan.

The easiest way is to jump on a quick call with Karen who will ask you a few questions and within 15 minutes will be able to advise you of the best option to get the outcomes you need.

Partnering with our clients is important to us – we aren’t a transactional service provider.

This means we need to have the time to really get to know your business when you first start and we dive into your compliance and current HR practices,.

For this reason we limit the number of new clients we take each month, but if you have an urgent issue we can help you with some emergency HR advice to get you sorted in the meantime.

We have a list of masterclasses for the year which we provide in advance to our clients so you can pre-register.

Masterclasses are held on the last Tuesday of every month via Zoom, and we send reminders each month so you can always be sure to know what is coming up.

It really depends on the complexity of the issue, but as a guide most questions take 30 minutes or less meaning that on the Foundations plan you’d be able to make an average of 4 calls/emails per month.

    Examples of how other businesses use on-demand support with the Foundations plan:

  • Which Modern Award covers our new employee?
  • Should we be providing paid sick leave instead of annual leave if someone is sick while on holiday?
  • What process do we take to make a role redundant?
  • A job candidate has let me know she is pregnant. What should I do?
  • An employee has asked for a meal allowance. Do we need to pay it?
  • What happens if an employee refuses to work out their notice period?
  • I’ve received a bullying complaint and I’m not sure what to do next.
  • What are the right steps to take when performance managing an employee?
  • How do we set KPIs for roles to receive a bonus?

We provide flexibility with your monthly hours by tracking them quarterly so you can use a bit more this month, and a bit less next month. But if you need to, you can purchase additional hours.

Absolutely. We leave this up to each individual business, but we find that employees love it when they know they have a HR group supporting them. It makes them feel that the business cares about them as people and is looking to create a great place to work!

With the Accelerate plan you can use up to 7 hours (1 day) of your included HR support for on-site support each month.

If you require someone on site on the Foundations or Alliance plans (e.g. a performance management meeting) there will be an additional fee and travel costs.

Our office looks over Sydney from Level 49 at Parramatta Square, but we work flexibly so we aren’t there every day, and not all of us work from the office!

Although Sydney based, we also support businesses in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This is our learning portal so you can go step-by-step through our Find Grow Keep methodology so you can build a great place to work.

Provided with our Alliance and Accelerate plans it includes over 4 hours of downloadable content – 19 videos across 4 modules, covering Foundations, Find, Grow and Keep.

Although we hold professional indemnity insurance, we do not provide you with legal insurance / protection against employee claims.

We work with clients that believe in creating a great place to work which means that claims are much less likely! We also think it is much better value for you to pay for legal advice in the unlikely circumstances where you need a lawyer, rather than paying higher fees to us for a long period to cover the insurance costs.

No, but we partner with employment lawyers to provide our employment contracts and documentation and can refer you to great lawyers in the unlikely event that you need to get specific legal advice.

No credit card required.

Once we have a service agreement signed you can opt for monthly direct debit or quarterly payment via invoice.

We partner with Employment Hero and your HR partner can be given access to be able to build any HR processes (e.g. performance reviews) into the system and run reports. We can also be given access to other platforms, but we may not be as familiar with them!

Once we kick off we will discuss with you your objectives and how you would like to work with us including a plan for the first 3 months.

Some clients like to have monthly meetings, others prefer to just contact us as needed. Whichever works for you, we will still be monitoring your usage and letting you know at set intervals how you have been using our services and options for getting the most out of your plan.

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