How to Manage & Reward Performance the Right Way

This checklist is for business owners and leaders who find themselves saying things like:

‘Why doesn’t – name – just do their job?’ ‘

‘I was totally blindsided by – name – leaving.’ 

‘We just can’t seem to get this project off the ground.’

 ‘We’re losing some big clients because we aren’t delivering the way we should.’

 ‘I have to work every weekend, otherwise things don’t get done’

Do you recognise these challenges? 

This simple yet effective checklist will give you the ingredients to manage and reward performance effectively.

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What’s Inside:

Understanding Performance Issues: Learn why employees may not perform as expected, based on comprehensive research by Ferdinand Fournies.

Learn the 6 key components to manage and reward performance: And understand your organisation’s score to be able to prioritise next steps.

Unlock Performance Potential: Discover how to enhance your team’s performance with our step-by-step checklist, ensuring everyone has clear roles, expectations, and receives meaningful feedback and recognition.

and much more…

At Amplify HR, we specialise in working with small-medium sized business owners and leaders, guiding you to create workplaces that not only engage but inspire. Drawing from our extensive experience and the latest workplace research, this checklist offers practical steps to achieve remarkable results through effective people and culture practices.

Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton
Founder & Managing Director

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And many more…

This checklist is for you if…

✅ You’re looking to enhance team performance and employee motivation but need a structured approach.

✅ You need a strong foundation for performance discussions.

✅ You’re committed to creating a culture where performance and great work is recognised.

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