Sometimes it can feel like we have a never-ending stream of tasks and responsibilities, and as we come to the end of the year, this can exacerbate the feeling of pressure as we want to get everything done before the holidays.

In Episode 73 of Series 2 of the Find Grow Keep podcast, Karen discusses effectively handling workloads, sidestepping burnout, and attaining triumph even in the most challenging phases of the year with Barbara Clifford who is known as the “Time Tamer” and is the cofounder of the Hinwood Institute. Following are our top tips and takeouts from this discussion.

The Importance of Time and Stress Management

In business, every minute counts. Business owners and leaders juggle multiple responsibilities, from overseeing their teams to making critical decisions. To maintain their performance and well-being, mastering time and stress management is essential.

Efficient time management ensures that leaders can allocate their limited time resources effectively. By doing so, they can optimise productivity, tackle tasks efficiently, and find more room for innovation and strategic thinking. On the other hand, stress management is a vital component of maintaining a balanced and healthy work-life routine. High levels of stress can lead to burnout and decreased overall effectiveness, making it essential for leaders to find ways to manage and reduce it.

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Strategies for Effective Time Management

Effective time management is achieved through setting clear boundaries, understanding your limitations, and budgeting your time wisely. This ensures that you don’t overcommit or find yourself working late nights and weekends.

Productivity and Time Management Strategies

The importance of downtime and prioritising tasks to increase productivity cannot be overstated. The holiday season often brings a frenzy of year-end deadlines and an ever-expanding to-do list for business leaders. To thrive in such a demanding environment, it’s crucial to prioritise tasks and learn how to politely declining non-essential requests. This approach not only staves off burnout but also helps you maintain your sanity during the bustling holiday season.

Planning for Peak Times

Every business experiences ebbs and flows, with peak and downtime periods. Strategically scheduling tasks during quieter moments can prevent feeling overwhelmed when the busy season arrives. Additionally, the end of the year provides an excellent opportunity for setting goals and crafting new products, as people tend to be more career-focused in January.

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Strategies for Stress Management

Prioritise Urgency and Importance

Navigating the holiday season often involves confronting personal stressors, such as financial burdens and complex family dynamics. To tackle these challenges, it’s essential to focus on factors within your control. Prioritise tasks based on their urgency and importance and minimise your efforts on non-essential activities. This approach provides a clear roadmap to maintaining your well-being.

Setting Boundaries at Work

Establishing and maintaining boundaries at work is vital to prevent burnout. It’s also worth exploring concepts like Barbara’s the “conveyor belt ” to break free from unproductive thought patterns and gain a fresh perspective.

Self-Awareness to Avoid Burnout

Self-awareness is a key element in preventing burnout. By recognising shifts in mental exhaustion and taking a step back when necessary, you safeguard your well-being, which is essential for sustained success.

To learn more, listen to Episode 73 of Series 2 of the Find Grow Keep podcast or you can contact Barabara Clifford directly at: 

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