In episode 19 of series 4 of the Make it Work Podcast, Karen Kirton and Lachy Gray explore the intersection between artificial intelligence and the training industry, drawing insights from industry expert, Angela Connell-Richards, CEO of Vivacity.

Embracing AI in Education

The discussion kicked off with Angela emphasising the significant impact AI is already having on education. She highlighted how she and her team use generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, on a daily basis. Angela is on a mission to educate trainers in the Registered Training Organisation sector on effectively incorporating AI into their teaching methods.

We discussed her journey in incorporating AI into her businesses. She stressed the importance of getting the team involved and shared how they explored various ways to leverage AI, from writing training materials to creating PowerPoint presentations. The focus was not just on AI as a tool for students but on training trainers and assessors on how to embrace and use it effectively.

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Trends in AI for Learning

Generative AI is being used to write training and assessment strategies, develop course materials, and trainers are also starting to use tools like Canva, which incorporates AI technology. Angela emphasised that integrating AI into tech is essential for staying ahead, asserting that those who fail to do so risk falling behind.

Advantages and Productivity Boost

The conversation shifted to the advantages Angela has observed in her businesses since incorporating AI. She spoke about increased productivity and efficiency, with AI serving as a tool to tackle tedious tasks. Angela emphasised the need for teams to adapt and use AI to streamline workflows, allowing more time for quality client interactions.

Making AI Personal

Angela shared her approach to making AI-generated content sound personal and avoiding a generic feel. Leveraging the paid version of ChatGPT, which allows her to train and customise the tool, she incorporates her company’s values, their superhero theme, and her personal style into the AI-generated content, creating a personalised touch.

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Addressing Concerns and Resistance

The conversation also touched on common concerns and resistance to AI in education, including fears of plagiarism, copyright infringement, and privacy issues. Angela addressed these concerns by emphasising the need for responsible and ethical use of AI, along with educating users on how to verify and validate information generated by AI tools.

Looking to the Future

Looking ahead, Angela predicted significant changes in the next 12 months, with more tech companies incorporating AI into their offerings. She stressed the importance of user-friendly technology and the need for educators to adapt to AI. Angela foresaw challenges in 2024, particularly in the adjustment of students and trainers to the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in education.

Government’s Role in AI Legislation

The conversation concluded with a discussion on the role of the government in AI. Angela highlighted existing legislation and predicted the need for broader legislation to protect individuals from potential misuse of AI technology, drawing parallels to the current challenges posed by phishing emails.


Angela Connell-Richards provided valuable insights into the dynamic intersection of AI and education. Her experiences and predictions shed light on the transformative potential of AI in the training sector and the imperative for educators to adapt to this evolving technological landscape. As the education sector continues to embrace AI, Angela’s perspective serves as a guiding light for those navigating the exciting and challenging path ahead.


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