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Scale Up and Grow

In this series of the Find Grow Keep Podcast, we explore how businesses of less than 100 employees can scale up and grow.

These weekly episodes of less than 20 minutes are designed to answer your top issues and questions around how to create a great place to work.

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Find Grow Keep – Series 2 Episodes

The Future of the Workplace

In this four episode series of the Find Grow Keep Podcast, Karen interviews business owners who have decided to move their teams to fully remote, or to a hybrid workplace where they spend some of the week in the office.

We discuss the pros and cons of remote working, particularly around workplace culture, communication, recruitment and onboarding and employee well-being.

Find Grow Keep – Series 1 Episodes

Music by Timmoor from Pixabay

The Modern Workplace

In Series 3, we’re focusing on growth: growth of ourselves as leaders, growth of our teams, and growth of our business.

Through our conversations (and guest stars!), we aim to give you some thought-provoking ideas and practical takeaways that you can use to future-proof your organisation.

Make it Work- Series 3 Episodes

The Modern Workplace

Developing your leadership style for the future of work.

In fortnightly episodes of less than 30 minutes, Karen Kirton and Lachy Gray explore what the future of work looks like, and how as leaders we need to adapt.

Through these conversations they give you some thought provoking ideas and practical take-aways that you can use to future-proof your organisation.

Make it Work- Series 2 Episodes

The Modern Workplace

This 5-part series discusses themes on the current workplace – what’s working and what’s not, and the future of the workplace.

Together, with our joined expertise, we cover topics across the workplace, including culture, leadership, hybrid working models, and the move remote workers are making to regional living.

Make it Work – Series 1 Episodes