Growing businesses are heavily reliant on keeping great people

Recent research shows that 70% of employers are more concerned about their employees leaving their organisation than they were in 2022.

Not only can the cost of replacing an employee be two to three times their annual salary, you also run the risk of making a ‘bad hire’.

Discover 10 tried and tested ways to not get blindsided by resignations

☀ Without spending a fortune on ‘quick fixes’ or short-term consultants.

☀ Learn the simple, contemporary ways to not only keep your top performers for longer, but also reduce the time you spend on “HR issues”!

☀ Enable your key people to succeed and feel valued, trusted, listened to, appreciated, and like they belong.

At Amplify HR we work with business owners with under 100 employees to get their HR sorted so they can focus on the business. Our experiences working with business owners, leaders and employees have enabled us to develop 10 tried and tested ways that you can retain your key performers and not get blindsided by resignations.

Karen Kirton

Karen Kirton
Founder & Managing Director

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This ebook is for you if…

> Having a great workplace culture is important to you.

You understand the value of an AMAZING workplace culture, but also know that with a great, or terrible hire, it can change quickly and needs continual cultivation.

> Your business growth is reliant on finding & keeping great people.

Paradoxically, the more people you have, the more complex and time consuming your business becomes, actually reducing your ability to grow and thrive if you don’t have the right people.

> You feel like there’s got to be a better way!

Perhaps you thought that if you paid people enough and ‘looked after’ them it would be enough. But you’d since found that it is hard keeping up with larger businesses, you can’t compete on salary and there must be a better way!

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