Scale Up and Grow

People can be your businesses greatest asset and greatest headache.

Businesses looking to scale up and grow need great people. Paradoxically, many business leaders find the more people they have, the more complex and time consuming their business becomes, which slows their ability to grow and thrive.

We find the three main problems for business are:

  • It’s hard to find great people & to not having them looking for the “next thing” straight away
  • We don’t know if people are doing what they should be / the best they can / and how to reward those that do
  • Business owner/leader is operationally focused, too many meetings, and “HR issues”

That is why we created Find Grow Keep

our methodology to create a great workplace culture and enable high performing teams.


Attract the best and keep great people increasing productivity and reducing costs and distractions


Teams of A-players with focused goals that feel rewarded for increases productivity, innovation and customer experience


High performers who wouldn’t dream of going somewhere else and over-deliver, gives more time & freedom to the leaders to focus on growing their business

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