Whole Brain® Thinking using HBDI®

There’s a reason why over 2.5 million people and 97% of Fortune 100 Companies use Whole Brain® Thinking.

Better thinking = Better results.

Giving your employees a chance to gain more self-awareness is a great opportunity for their development. It can also help boost your business’s productivity.

Karen Kirton (Director of Amplify HR) has been using the Whole Brain® Thinking Model for over 20 years. Working with individuals, teams and organisations, Karen has helped employees become more aware of their own thinking preferences, identify their blind spots, learn how to leverage the preferences of others, and learn how to work better in team scenarios – especially under pressure.

Put simply, using Whole Brain® Thinking in your organisation can lead to better performance and improving communication, and therefore better results.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI) test measures thinking preferences as defined by the Whole Brain® Thinking Model. It is not a personality test, there is no “right” or “wrong”, and your thinking preferences can change over time. This makes the HBDI® assessment non-judgmental, easy to understand and highly actionable.

We don’t all have one way of thinking. Herrmann’s research shows that there are four different thinking preferences which were used to create the Whole Brain® Thinking Model. The HBDI® then measures our thinking preferences and presents these results as our “HBDI Profile”.

Whole Brain® Thinking allows you to adapt and leverage different thinking styles rather than sticking to your “default” mode (which is often the area we are most comfortable in!).

The concepts of Whole Brain® Thinking are easy to learn and apply and creates better results by improving decision making, problem solving and communication within your organisation.

What better thinking can do for you

50% Reduction in attrition

66% Increase in team productivity

10 Month decrease in time to job mastery

Implementing Whole Brain® Thinking in your workplace

The first step is for individuals to complete an online survey, which generally takes no more than 20 minutes, and that provides the data for the “HBDI® Profile”.

The next step is a half day group Start Thinking workshop where the team will learn more about the Whole Brain Thinking model and receive their HBDI profile to explore their individual thinking preferences.

Your Whole Brain® Thinking journey does not need to end here, as there are several tools and ideas to get traction on implementing this model within your every day business practices.

Start Thinking Workshop Overview

In this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Explore and reflect on their own skills, attributes and challenges
  • Understand thinking preferences and diversity of thinking
  • Explore the Whole Brain® Model and how it can be applied to communication, coaching, effective team meetings, planning and more
  • Review the implications of their thinking styles in a context
  • Create an action plan for leveraging their thinking preferences

Suitable for

All levels within an organisation. Individual contributors, supervisors, managers and executives. Especially powerful when done in teams!


Pre-workshop online survey to be completed by participants which takes less than 20 minutes.

The workshop is a half day and includes facilitator led discussion, individual and group activities, group discussion, and resources for improving team effectiveness.


  • HBDI profile $180+GST per person
  • Half day workshop $2100+GST for up to 20 participants

Pricing applies to workshops in the Sydney region. Contact us for pricing in other regions.

Catering and venue hire is not included. This can be organised directly by your organisation, or we can organise a suitable venue for an additional cost.

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