About Our Workshops

We are passionate about development, not just for your own personal growth, but also to improve the effectiveness of your teams and your organisation.

Using using evidence based assessments and psychological principles, our training is based around skills identified as required in the future of work, and what research shows will increase self awareness, engagement and productivity.

Whether you prefer a one-off workshop, or a development program customised for your organisation, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Lunch n Learn

Team Development Workshops

High performing teams possess trust, a positive mindset and psychological safety.

There are many theories on what makes the “best” team.  You know, the one that performs the highest, has the least conflict and is the most engaged.

Whether you prefer the model used by Google, Patrick Leniconi, or just your own experiences, what you will find they have in common is a large amount of trust, a healthy mindset to collaborate and get on with the job, and the ability to take risks while feeling accepted and respected (psychological safety).

We use these concepts in our workshops to deliver an engaging experience designed to foster self-awareness and personal growth, while creating a better understanding of others to develop stronger teams and more productive organisations.

Our workshops are fully customisable for your organisation and designed for teams at any level of the organisational hierarchy using evidence based assessments, individual and group activities. Whole Brain Thinking starts with self awareness, improving communication, customer satisfaction while Appreciation at Work is designed to improve engagement, motivation and performance in the workplace.

Leadership Workshops

Developing current and emerging leaders to drive engagement and productivity.

“A fish rots from the head”. It’s not a very nice saying, but anyone who has worked with poor leadership knows exactly what that means!

We often promote high performing individual contributors. Great sales people, engineers, technology gurus, finance experts….,but fail to recognise the leap that needs to occur when moving into a leadership role. For many of us, it takes effort, intentional change and ongoing development to be able to be a great leader who can effectively motivate teams to drive engagement and productivity.

Our workshops are designed for current and emerging leaders using evidence based assessments, interactive sessions and coaching options. We strive to improve mindset, not just increase skills. This enables leaders to take control of their development, and focus on their strengths while being mindful of weaknesses, in order to get the best from themselves and their teams.

The Emotionally Effective Leader program uses the EQi-2.0 assessment to explore emotional intelligence in the workplace and how to leverage your own EQ to be a more effective leader while the Whole Brain Manager program is ideally suited to supervisors and emerging leaders, extending the understanding of Whole Brain thinking into coaching, developing, innovation and planning.